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ICPS Photography Workshops Weekend: Taking Your Photography To The Next Level

  • Life Portraits 15 Sandlewood Close Moggill Australia (map)

Life Portraits are running a series of training workshops for Isaac Coast Photography Society from Saturday 22 July - Sunday 23 July. 

By the end of the weekend course attendees will be given the knowledge to take images in a variety of natural lighting conditions as well as how to use studio flash, speed lights and work with and pose subjects. They will also have a full understanding of post-production workflows and how to use two of the main processing software packages of the photographic industry, Lightroom and Photoshop.

The workshop weekend has been made possible by support from the Regional Arts Development Fund in partnership with Isaac Regional Council, supporting local arts and culture in regional Queensland. As a result of this support the courses are being offered at significantly reduced prices to participants.

Post Production: $119 (normally $300)

Studio Lighting &Posing: $85 (normally $220)

Natural Light Photography: $75 (normally $150)

Day and Night Flash: $75 (normally $200)



Saturday 22 July
8am - 4pm - Post Production: Advanced
A workshop in advanced lightroom processing work combined with a brief introduction to Photoshop and how to use Photoshop and Lightroom together to produce stunning results and faster workflows for photographers. Some Lightroom knowledge will be required before attending the course.

Key outcomes from this course would be attendees would have the knowledge to design their own workflows, be comfortable working within Lightroom and seamlessly moving between Lightroom and Photoshop. Would have advanced skills in Lightroom including use of all filters and brushes, split toning, ability to create and use presets, full knowledge of the database management side of Lightroom. Attendees will also have a base understanding of the differences between lightroom and photoshop, and understanding of the basic functions of Photoshop as regards images processing and a basic understanding of layers in Photoshop.

Saturday 22 July
4pm - 9pm - Studio Lighting and posing

Attendees will learn how to take complete control over lighting in a studio situation and use a variety of light shapers, studio lights and speed lights to create different moods and emotional responses with an image as well as how to light subjects in a sympathetic way.

Attendees will also be taught how a range of classic lighting set ups and also how to pose their subjects to create interesting emotional and flattering poses. Key outcomes would be that attendees will be able to take complete control over their portraiture work and produce well constructed and flattering posed portrait images.

Sunday 23 July
8am - 12noon - Natural/ambient light

Attendees will learn how to use their natural surroundings to help shape and control light when they have no control over the actual light itself (i.e. ambient or sunlight). Attendees will learn how to use natural light shaping tools such as reflectors and scrims as well as using their surroundings, walls, shadow zones etc to create interesting and different effects using only ambient light. Key Outcomes: Attendees will be able to produce memorable images and excellent results in even the most challenging lighting situations allowing them work at any time during the day and in both harsh and gently lighting situations.

Sunday 23 July
4pm - 8pm - On and Off Camera Flash

Attendees will get a full grounding in how to creatively use speedlight flash guns in both day and night lighting scenarios and to use their flash both for fill light to compliment ambient lighting levels and completely light a scene using flash units. With two instructors on hand the class will be split into a beginners section which will learn how to use a single flash on camera. The fast learning and more advanced photographers in the class will form a second group and learn more advanced techniques to use multiple flash guns and use their speedlights off camera to creating even more interesting lighting scenarios and techniques to help fully unlock their creative potential with their camera and flash lighting.

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