When a family reunites....

"Families are like branches on a tree....We grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one..."

It was a special occasion for this lovely family last weekend, celebrating their youngest Jordan's 18th birthday. They made the most of the family all coming together, some travelling interstate, to capture these moments with a photoshoot. ⠀

It was a glorious afternoon at Gold Coast Botanical Gardens, the lighting was perfect, the location was beautiful and in front of me was a very fun, laid back family. When all of these things align, it makes my job easy haha

I always try to bring an aspect of the families personality out in their images. As the photographer, you slowly form a relationship with your subjects to make them feel relaxed. Once you reach this point of them feeling relaxed, you give them some fun ideas to work with and then they turn the shoot into their own. This is exactly what happened with this family and they rocked it!

There was some beautiful moments captured and even some that brought a little cheeky smile to my face. Thank you Gerrie, Jordan, Tegan, Ryan, James, Carla, Chris, Scott and Corey for a wonderful afternoon. 

Check out some of my favs below <3