The MUST-KNOW tips to prepare for your photography session

A photoshoot is a daunting experience for any person which is why Life Portraits makes it a fun, easy and enjoyable experience. Your session, whether it be an hour or a full day wedding, is meant to be fun and unique to you!

Being prepared for your session is very important as this assists the photographer in creating something amazing and making your ideas a reality. Things you should consider before your session:

  • Clothing/styling

  • Location

  • Props

  • In what format do you want your images displayed - digital, wall art, book, table art

Your clothing is a very important part of your photoshoot. It creates tones, moods and is a representation of the style of your family. It is ideal to match a tone of colours rather than the old favourite of jeans and a white shirt. The best way to choose the clothing for the session is to pick one outfit for one of the family members that you love and base the rest of the families clothing around that one. See examples below of how families have coordinated their outfits around a single tone for their photoshoot.

Bring your own style to the photoshoot. Some themes are featured below:
- Spring/summer
- Brights/neutrals
- Fall/winter
- Formal casual wear

Tip 1: Parents to be dressed neutral and kids in the brighter colours
Tip 2: Co-ordinate the whole family in cool colours or warm colours
Tip 3: Try and avoid out-there patterns as this can be distracting
Tip 4: Wear something that you are very comfortable in

A very important part of your photo session is the the location you choose. The location should reflect the personality of the family/couple or have some sort of personal connection. There are a number of themes or backdrops you can incorporate into your photography experience, some include:
- A bright wall
- A sunflower field
- A brown grassy location
- The local park
- The beach
- A fun location such as the local show
- The countryside
- Your backyard or home (if you want something more personalised)
- A plain wall creating a more styled shoot

We always ask our clients the following question when they are planning their session:
- What characterises your family/relationship?
- What hobbies/loves do you share? Can this be displayed in a photo?
- Do you have something that you love doing together?
- Are there any props that you can use in your photoshoot that ‘tell a story’ about your family/relationship

Below is a list and some image examples of props/personal hobbies that Life Portraits have helped our clients incorporate into their photoshoots. This is a guide and we LOVE to see new things at all of our sessions. 

Kites  .  tee pee  .  books  .  picnic basket/ blanket  .  boat  .  letters  .  balloons  .  flowers  . bikes  .  animals  .  polaroids  .  sports equipment  .  bath toys  .  bubbles  .  trucks/cars/dolls  . swings  .  fruit (watermelon, strawberries)  .  paint/chalk  .  sparkles/wand  .  crown  .  lego  . lollipops  .  milkshake  .  signs/blackboards  .  suitcases  .  love heart cutouts  .  fishing gear  . gymnastics outift  .  swimming gear  .  Old cars