The inconspicuous camera.... Inspiring passion shooting

With the new edition of my Canon EOS m5, I'm now able to inconspicuously capture life's beautiful moments - sneaking it out of my bag when necessary. This camera is a gem and it's really changed my mindset about photographing more for passion rather than just for my clients. I no longer have to carry around a 5-10 kilograms worth of kit whenever I want to go somewhere for leisure. I like to joke with clients that this is the reason I'm a bodybuilder and go the gym so much haha

I take my little trusty camera everywhere now (it may be small but she delivers) and she allows me to capture life's precious moments, which I then print and document in my diary as a life scrapbook. Today was no exception with my beautiful best friend and housemate, Jesse, celebrating her Birthday. We ventured to Brisbane City and enjoyed a beautiful lunch banquet at Madame Wu (, needless to say we were very happy with our experience. 

Situated at Eagle Street pier overlooking the Brisbane River, it was a glorious day and even better company. I need to share this beauty with you all, Happy Birthday Beautiful x