The beauty of the female figure: Featuring Jacquie Mync IFBB Figure Competitor

For those that don't know me well, I have been training seriously in the gym now for about 5 years - and by that, I mean lifting heavy, training hard and focusing on particular muscle groups to develop and grow them. I have been fascinated by the female physique for some time now and intrigued by how we can transform our bodies with a combination of dedication, hard work at the gym and a balanced diet. 

I competed in figure in 2015 and was amazed and proud of by what I achieved, placing 3rd and 5th for my first competition. This love for fitness, muscles and the beauty of the female physique has lead me to one of my most loved styles of shooting - bodybuilding and fitness portraits. 

I was lucky enough to photograph the beautiful woman, Jacquie, just before she stepped on stage for the IFBB Arnolds in figure - already placing first in the QLD titles. She has the most beautiful figure shape with a wide back, small waist, and muscular legs. 

Working with a fitness/bikini/bodybuilding competitor takes some prior knowledge to be able to really achieve the best results for the athlete. When working with my clients I direct them with poses that bring out the best in their muscles and body shape, help them activate certain muscles, position them in a way that best complements their shape and physique. I LOVE the art of lighting a subject - revealing abs, showing lines in their legs or glutes they never knew they had, showcasing their back muscles while still keeping a beautiful poised face. 

Check out some of the stunning images created with Jac at Next Hotels in Brisbane at the rooftop pool. She was a pleasure to work with and together we produced some stunning images. These images were a combination of ambient light with a beauty dish used to highlight the subjects' muscles and bring more contrast/clarity back into the image. Big thanks to my business partner Andy for holding the beauty dish for a lot of these shots haha :)