The Beauty of Simplicity

Shooting on location is a fantastic experience for both the subject and the photographer. Playing with colours and the excitement of the surroundings to create wonderful images that have real meaning to those featured in them, particularly when they are photographed at a place that has special meaning.

But sometimes it is just as important to move away from those locations and enter the studio. Here, the photographer has full control of light and the surroundings. With experience, we can create the right combination of light and shadow, transforming the potentially bland surround of a studio to create a beautiful set of images where the subject becomes the be all and end all of the image.

You can (and we often do) introduce props, different lighting styles, dramatic costumes and make up,  and all sorts of things.... and sometimes you can just strip everything back to the bare minimum.

In our photoshoot with Racheal this is exactly what we did. At her pre-shoot consultation we agreed just to keep it simple. In doing so, we were able to highlight her natural beauty and grace. Despite the time to set up the studio to create the ideal lighting, the results look surprising simple. To our eye that simplicity makes the end results simply beautiful.