The Art of Lifestyle Real Estate Photography

It’s more common than not when you see houses for sale on the market they are represented by generic imagery such as wide angle interior and exterior shots with fill flash. What people are missing is the lifestyle, the environment, the atmosphere, the connectivity, the ambience, the finer details and the personal features of the home.  

This week we photographed a beautiful home for Harcourts Graceville to assist in its sale. The job of the clinical interior shots had already been done, our brief was different.... "we just need something more," we were told, "just work your magic and give us something that truly reflects what it would be like to  live in this home".

A brief walk around left a marked impression of just how beautiful and peaceful this home was and how important the building's connectivity to the outdoors was to the ambience of this stunning Queenslander. That connectivity very quickly became our theme for the shoot, demonstrating just how every room connected to the next and the fluid transitions between internal and external spaces creating a single harmonious environment.

So, rather than approaching with the mind of a real estate photographer we instead used our media experience to look at the home from the point of view of a lifestyle magazine feature. Shooting the finer details, capturing the true feeling and ambience of the environment.  playing on the critical elements of: design, textures, decor, leading lines, natural light, connecting spaces and colours.

See a snapshot of our photoshoot below, isn't this the most beautiful home.