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4 workshops, 23 hours of training and a whole lot of fun with the ICPS Photography Society!

What a weekend! Andy and I have just returned from a fun-filled 4 days away for a photography course weekend in Carmila for the Isaac Coast Photography Society, RADF and Isaac Community. 2 days, 4 workshops, 23 hours of training - advanced processing, studio lighting and posing, natural light photography and day/night flash. 

A big thank-you to members of the ICPS for organising and Isaac Regional Council for supporting this community with a RADF grant to make this happen. We have been lucky enough to work with ICPS a few times over our working careers and we couldn't ask for a more enthusiastic, involved and passionate group of people. We always leave these workshops feeling proud of what the members are achieving with their photography and happy that we can help them along on this journey. 

See some of the behind the scenes fun below :)

Em x

The Things We Do And The People We Meet - Thanks To Our Cameras!

God I love my job…. Does it make you cringe when people say that? Well cringe away because I love my job :)

Yes there are good days and bad days, great jobs and challenges, laughter and tears of frustration…. but whether it is commercial or consumer photoshoots or running training workshops to professional and amateur photographers, there is one constant that makes my job so exciting and fascinating. The people we meet and the experiences we have as a result.

Last weekend Emily and I travelled back to Clermont to do a series of photographic workshops for Artslink, supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund. It was (as always) great fun with a great bunch of people.

But it also gave me the chance to catch up with someone who started out as an attendee at a few of our workshops and has become a friend, Julie Turner. As well as working on her family cattle farm and breeding Kelpies as working dogs, Julie of Clermont Kelpies is a great photographer and I’ve admired the shots she takes of her working dogs for some time.

So it was with quite a bit of excitement that I got to go and spend a few spare hours in the afternoon out on her family's farm and was rewarded with the remarkabe experience of watching her working Kelpies in action rounding up the cattle and bringing them in to their yards.

I couldn’t resist firing off some shots as we bounced our way across the countryside in her ATV as the dogs leaped in and out of the back as they answered her commands and brought the cattle into line.

A great experience with a wonderful family who I would never have met if it werent for my work as a phiotographer.

Did I mention that I love my Job :)