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7 tips to Nailing your First Fitness Photoshoot - Brisbane Fitness Photography

So you’ve achieved a weight loss goal, you’ve just competed or you’ve reached a health milestone and you want to capture your efforts and physiques with a photoshoot…… GREAT DECISION!

A fitness, boudoir or fashion photoshoot captures this time in your life and documents your hard work, sacrifices, motivation and time through imagery. We take a moment in time and freeze how you felt and how strong you are as a person to reach your goals. We all need to remember to celebrate our successes and reflect on our journey and investing in a photoshoot is a wonderful way to do so.

Having competed in figure bodybuilding in the past, reaching this high point in my physique and then not capturing this moment was the biggest regret I ever had! So if you’re daunted by the cost, how to be prepared, what to wear, where to shoot….. we can help you! We’ve gone into 7 tips to nail your first photoshoot below:

1. Prepare for the investment of a photoshoot it’s worth it! Budget this into your competition costs or weekly budget or opt for interest free payment plan

We find with a lot of clients that price is off-putting and people do not see the value in spending the money on capturing this moment in time. After all the hard work you’ve put in, time, sacrifices, hard hours in the gym… what are you doing to document you reaching this goal? Yes you can tick it off the list of things you’ve done and write about it on social media, but nothing outweighs the captured image and freezing this successful moment in your life. In order to prepare for the cost of a photoshoot, budget this into your costs for competing, or when you start a weight loss journey, start putting money away each week for this. At Life Portraits, we allow our clients to pay 50% upfront and 50% the week of the shoot to spread the costs more and have the option of interest free payment plan to pay over each week. The cost is worth the value and joy it will bring to your life looking back at these moments for years to come, and for generations to come!
Download our pricing and see our work on our fitness page HERE!

2. Watch our BTS Vlogs on tips to prepare for your fitness photoshoot
These Vlog features how to prepare, tips on posing, outfits and behind the scenes fun. This will give you a good idea of how we work at Life Portraits.
Watch them both BELOW:


3. Narrow down the style of imagery you want - Boudoir, fitness gym, fitness fashion, beach, lifestyle
The first step to planning a photoshoot is to determine the style of imagery you want. Once you have secured this style we can then guide you in choosing your location, outfits and types of posing. We provide a pinterest gallery of examples to help you decide what you’d like to do.

4. Find a location that suits your style and your personality
At Life Portraits we provide our clients with a full suburb breakdown of locations around Brisbane for options for their photoshoots. Sometimes, choosing a location is the hardest part of the photoshoot process as their are so many themes you can channel. Once you have the style of imagery that you want, we can then match a location to this style. Common locations include; gym, beach, graffiti walls, coloured walls, street style, lifestyle greenery open spaces, apartments/houses for boudoir. You can see lots of great examples on our instagram page

5. Narrow down your outfits to 2/3 options that matches the style of imagery you want and your location
Once you’ve nailed steps 2 & 3, we will guide you with pinterest boards and through email communication what outfits to use for your photoshoot. Common ideas include bikinis, one pieces leotards or body suits, booty pants, fashion wear, fishnets, lingerie, sports wear, leather jackets and boots, body crystals etc. We help you match your outfits to the colours of your location.

6. Preparing for the photoshoot day with hair, makeup & tan
You’ve done all the hard work to get to this point, now you want to look a million dollars for your photos! We always suggest to our clients that you get your hair, makeup and tan done professionally so that you are looking 10/10 for your photoshoot. Having this done reflects in your photos, looks a million dollars, boosts your confidence. We work with some great professionals in the industry, one of our most recommended is Shique Beauty in Brisbane - specialising in hair, makeup, tans, nails etc.

7. Photoshoot day - Have a bag packed with outfits, snacks, water and MUSIC
It’s photoshoot day! Make sure you have a bag packed the night before so you’re not rushed for the photoshoot and you’re calm and ready for the day. We always suggest that you play music on your shoot to help you relax, get into the motion of posing and enjoy the experience. We will guide you with posing, positioning your body in the best way possible to make you look your best.

Now all you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience! If you’ve been thinking about a fitness photoshoot in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area, we’d love to hear from you. Life Portraits specialises in portraiture, weddings and commercial but has a sub brand LP Fitness where we work with fitness competitors, weight loss transformations and capture people in a state of celebration of their health and wellness.

We’d love to hear from you! Email us at to book your shoot. Or contact us on our website.

Revealing the new you....

Thanks to the power of word of mouth and social media, we have been lucky enough to work with a number of motivated people lately that have undertaken remarkable weight loss transformations. 

This style of photography is becoming a new favourite for me! You may ask why?

Because capturing someone after going through such a journey, after the dedication, hard times and motivation to succeed, and revealing their final images is the most rewarding job. Their attitude towards their body and life changes, they are happy with the body they're in and they will never stop trying to improve. They now have a memory of this journey to remember and to keep motivating them to be the best they can be. 

I love the moment a client sees there images, whether it be on the back of the camera or in their gallery, when they can't believe it's them. This is the most rewarding of all, disbelief! 

This brings me to my most recent fitness shoot with Becky. She booked her photoshoot some time ago as a step to achieving her weight loss goal. I believe this is the first step to staying accountable, once you have a photoshoot date, you have structure and time frames to reach your goals. 

When I saw Becky at our shoot I couldn't believe my eyes! I could hardly recognise her, 20kg lighter and the most beautiful, vibrant smile. We celebrated her achieving her goal by capturing her in a sexy, full piece showing off her womanly curves and also in her gym gear working out as this is her passion. 

You should be so proud of what you've achieved Becky and thank you for letting LP capture these memories for you. See some snippets of our fun together below. 

HMUA - Naomi Leigh
Location - Crossfit Roar, Stafford

Em x

40+, fit, healthy and an inspiration to other women

Kelli is a BEAUTIFUL woman! She was so lovely to work with, grateful and enthusiastic about her shoot. Being recently awarded as the Oxygen magazine 35+ winner, now in the running for the  front cover, works a full time corporate job, has 2 children and now getting ready to compete in a powerlifting compeition - the Mackay Push/Pull GPC Powerlifting meet. Unbelievable! Good luck Kelli, it was a pleasure photographing you and a big thank you to your Partner Johnny for his support during the shoot. Check out some of our favs below!

I am so inspired by the woman I get to photograph. They set out to achieve a goal and SMASH IT! The fitness industry is so much more than just 'looking good'! There's months and months of dedication, training, sacrifices in your social life, no naughty food and a clear goal in mind, only to get up on stage after 12+ weeks for a few minutes to show off your hard work. That is why I want to capture these wonderful athletes so they can remember this point in their life for the rest of their lives. 

As a figure competitor myself, I understand the body, posing, what to do to bring out more muscles or assist in looking better during your photoshoot. I believe I bring a very personalised approach to my fitness shoots and have a real passion for photographing my subjects. 

Contact me about bodybuilding packages or a personal fitness shoot via email on info@lifeportraits.photogarphy or download our information pack here