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Recycled by Wendy: A Small Fashion Business with a Touch of History & Love!

We first me the beautiful Wendy at a Women’s Weekly High Tea event in Brisbane City for International Women’s Day. We were blown away by her stall of clothing, all preowned wonders, fabrics, belts, accessories from all over the world that she creates into new pieces and has pre-loved old classics. Our girls group went a little wild and ended up wearing some of the outfits out that night haha

We were so blown away by Wendy’s talent and passion for her craft! We followed her on instagram and facebook and said we’d keep in touch and come and visit again to see her newest creations. We kept our word!

Wendy, with the help of her daughter Nicky, held an amazing little pop-up day at her home in Manly on Saturday. As it was also my 28th Birthday, the girls surprised me with a beautiful morning out for breakfast followed by some vintage shopping at Wendy’s.

We were so happy to see Wendy in her beautiful artistic home. She has decor in her home from all over the world, reflecting her travels, her creativity and her love of colour, fabrics and textiles. I was so inspired.

I had my little Canon m5 with me with a 22mm prime f2 lens. This is my ‘being able to enjoy life’s moments while still capturing imagery’ camera haha. It’s small, it fits in my bag, has a nice wide aperture of f2 which means its great in low light conditions. I captured some of the fun we had at Wendy’s as well as the fun the girls were having. I passed the camera around and we all enjoyed a bit of fun in front of the camera.

Wendy provided some scones, tea and lots of laughs. What a great morning! If you want to experience some unusual and unique vintage fashion, you MUST visit ‘Recycled by Wendy’ at or on instagram

We all walked out of there with lots of bags of goodies! What a great day! Thank you Wendy for having us!

Em x

The White Cottage Flower Farm: Tenterfield's Hidden Gem - Brisbane Commercial & Portrait Photographers

This week I had the chance to have a few day getaway to Tenterfield to see my partner and for a little country retreat. Between business work, I set out on foot to explore the town with its beautiful historical look and feel, tree lined streets, roses and flower gardens and old buildings. I also explored the ‘Tenterfield’ instagram location tag to see if I could find some hidden gems from the locals… and I did!

It is here that I found the White Cottage Flower Farm. The farm is the home of Mandy & Hamish Reid, passionate lovers of cottage gardens, flower farming and vintage and farmhouse wares. I contacted with Mandy to see if I could come and visit, take some photographs and setup my laptop for the afternoon for some work and she was more than happy for me to do so.

I got to know Mandy & Hamish’ story and had to share it with you all! The couple have lived in Tenterfield for 23 years and only in the past 8 years they’ve been selling plants/flowers at their nursery and vintage homewares and only the past year have they opened up the flower farm.

Before living in Tenterfield they weren’t big into gardening, they were inspired by the beauty of the region, cool climates and the gardens in Tenterfield.

When Mandy & Hamish first started the project, the beautiful ‘White Cottage’ that is one of the main features of the garden was actually a colourbond shed and they transformed it into the beautiful nursery and homewares space that it is now. It is filled with stunning natural light, stained glass windows, flowers and vintage homewares.

The White Cottage is open to the public Tuesday - Sunday, 9am-5pm where visitors can pick their own fresh flowers, explore the gardens and purchase items from the vintage wares and also from the nursery. For those that don’t have a garden they can come to the cottage and pick their own varieties, such a priceless thing to do! I explored the garden and got to experience this first hand, the smells, the nature, the sounds, it was glorious.

The garden is a passion for both Mandy & Hamish, where they share the duties between them. Hamish does the maintenance on the garden and heavy lifting while Mandy taken great pride in planting, designing and styling the homewares store. The garden is filled with 120 David Austin Roses, 80 Peony Roses, foxgloves, sweet peas and all cottage perennial flowers.

On occasions Mandy hosts floral workshops and painting workshops for those of the community and people from the around the region attend. She has a great following on instagram, great branding and people come from far and wide to see the gardens.

If you’re in the region, it’s a MUST SEE! See some images below.

Em x

Behind the Scenes on a Fitness Photoshoot

Last week I was lucky enough to work with the beautiful, glowing and vibrant Sheoni. Connecting through Instagram, we collectively came up with a unique idea to document her post IFBB bikini competition body with a styled, colourful and energetic set of images with coloured plain walls with matching clothing and lipsticks. 

I LOVE colour, and this look was the perfect match for Sheoni's personality. Being a graphic designer I thought I would experiment with this set of images creating a new style of fitness photography - photo-graphic art. Taking a plain wall and editing in graphics to create more of a story and scene. 

We went with a tropical summer theme throughout and the images are to DIE for! See our behind the scenes fitness photography video below, taking you into the world of a fitness photoshoot, what goes on, posing, and lighting setups. See our set of images below from the session. 

Em x

A Reason To Get Up In the Morning

Emily and I are pretty lucky in our jobs.... its a rare thing when what you do for a living is also your key passion and creative outlet in life. It means we take every opportunity to go out and shoot whenever we can.

Like this morning. I love landscape photography, it's one of the ways I like to relax. So since we had an early morning meeting on the Gold Coast anyway (resulting in some exiting news which we hope to be able to talk about soon!!), we set off really early to beat the traffic and to catch the sunrise at Snapper Rocks. 

These are some of the shots I took and we even made a little video about it too which we will get up on the facebook as quickly as we can.

For the technical among you, I set up two cameras, at each location to allow me to capture two slightly different looks in the short space of time we had to capture the sun behind a narrow cloud bank. 

One was the trusty Canon 5d MKIV with a 16-35mm zoom set at 16mm and shooting fast shutter speeds to capture every splash and peak of every wave. The other was my beloved Pentax 645Z medium format camera with a 35mm lens and a 10 stop Neutral Density filter which blocks a load of light and lets me shoot at really slow shutter speeds while pointing straight at the sun (up around 2 minute exposures this morning). This has the affect of turning the incoming surf into a wonderful milky misty spray.

See what you think.


When the roles are reversed: Em in front of the camera...

I thought it was time for an update of some portraits of myself for social media and our marketing. I wanted to portray my personality, my style and me as a professional woman.

I love colour, this reflects in my photography style and my fashion. So I wanted to showcase myself in the same way - vibrant, enthusiastic and fun.  

Em x

Getting into the spirit of Christmas! A great team of people: Perform 360

This week I had the pleasure of photographing the fun and fit Perform 360 team - Jason, Brent, Callum, Soni & Alex. Perform 360 is Brisbane's leading functional performance facility offering a range of activities including personal training, small group training, group classes, olympic lifting, gymnastics and yoga. 

The team regularly let me use their amazing space for LP fitness photoshoots and with their variety of workout areas I'm never stuck for locations to shoot!

I really wanted to capture a bit of the fun, quirky side of the team! With their fitness & gymnastics backgrounds we wanted to make their team photos a bit more fun. Great working with the team, creating some great team portraits and Christmas themed images for social marketing. Check out some of my favs below <3

Check them out on their website or facebook

Em x

Retro + Brights + Fitness + Fashion = SUCCESS

I love my job! I get to bring my ideas to reality and show my creativity through imagery <3

I worked with the newly awarded IFBB Figure Pro athlele Jac last week after her back to back competitions and we wanted to capture her physique in a way she hasn't previously. 

I had the idea of colours, brights and fun for her shoot as this reflects her outgoing fun personality and for anyone that knows Jac, she is always wearing bright gym clothes when she trains. So my minds' creative juices were flowing and all I needed was a location to bring all these ideas together! And I found it...  Mister Fitz in the valley! 

A beautiful pink wall, blue wall and black garage door was the perfect location to bring our looks together. The entire shoot was inspired by the metallic pink jacket and hat, and I worked the styling around that (thanks Supre!). 

Jac nailed this photoshoot and is absolutely stunning in these images! Well done girl <3 This is our second shoot together and she continues to improve every shoot!


Em x

Celebrating 10 year of marriage

Showing your commitment and love to your partner through marriage is a beautiful thing. Stacey and Jason showed their true commitment for each other by renewing their vows after 10 years of being together. I was fortunate enough to capture this lovely ceremony shared with their closest friends and family overlooking Kangaroo Point. 

Having a family wedding on the same day in Brisbane, this was a surprise to the rest of the family that were getting ready for the wedding. So capturing these moments were very special. 

Stacey and Jason, congratulations on 10 years of marriage and thank you for sharing this special day with me and allowing me to capture these moments. 

Em x

Beautifully Simple and Simply Beautiful

There are many different ways of having and celebrating your wedding: the grand affair; the small intimate party with friends; the wild and extravagant adventurers wedding.

Whether you are getting married while skydiving, or in the grandest cathedral and hotel or simply in your own back garden,  the best weddings of all beautifully reflect the two individuals who are becoming one on what should be the most important day of their lives.

We were lucky enough to photograph one such couple, who got their big day absolutely right and created the most beautiful day for them and their family and friends.

For Lindsay and Lachlan the day wasn't about grandeur or pomp or circumstance. It was about family and friends and nature and love.

To many a wedding in a country village hall and a garden party to follow would seem almost too simple but thanks to meticulous planning and Lindsay's creative touch, backed by an army of friends who helped decorate, stage and even brew custom beers for the big day, The day their wedding was a celebration of their love, family and friends and one of the most enjoyable and beautiful weddings of the year for us to photograph.

The Things We Do And The People We Meet - Thanks To Our Cameras!

God I love my job…. Does it make you cringe when people say that? Well cringe away because I love my job :)

Yes there are good days and bad days, great jobs and challenges, laughter and tears of frustration…. but whether it is commercial or consumer photoshoots or running training workshops to professional and amateur photographers, there is one constant that makes my job so exciting and fascinating. The people we meet and the experiences we have as a result.

Last weekend Emily and I travelled back to Clermont to do a series of photographic workshops for Artslink, supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund. It was (as always) great fun with a great bunch of people.

But it also gave me the chance to catch up with someone who started out as an attendee at a few of our workshops and has become a friend, Julie Turner. As well as working on her family cattle farm and breeding Kelpies as working dogs, Julie of Clermont Kelpies is a great photographer and I’ve admired the shots she takes of her working dogs for some time.

So it was with quite a bit of excitement that I got to go and spend a few spare hours in the afternoon out on her family's farm and was rewarded with the remarkabe experience of watching her working Kelpies in action rounding up the cattle and bringing them in to their yards.

I couldn’t resist firing off some shots as we bounced our way across the countryside in her ATV as the dogs leaped in and out of the back as they answered her commands and brought the cattle into line.

A great experience with a wonderful family who I would never have met if it werent for my work as a phiotographer.

Did I mention that I love my Job :)