How a Strong, Supportive Group of Women Can Help you Succeed: Brisbane Fitness Photography

It’s not often that I get to work with a group of ladies that are their prime physical health ready to compete in a bodybuilding contest. Usually I work with athletes, weight loss transformation clients and ladies in boudoir style capturing them individually.

Having competed in the past, I didn’t have a ‘team’ of ladies to help me through or offer support and after meeting this unreal group of women, I wish I had of. I was blown away when I met the ladies of Team HFS, run by PT Joey Cantlin. 5 unreal, beautiful, happy and supportive women banding together to celebrate their achievements with a photoshoot.

The vibe of these ladies was just incredible! The smiles, the laughs, those bodies haha During their competition prep, they have come together as a team for support, to help each other through the ups and downs and also created a close-nit social group from a shared interest.

I am now pushing for ladies to collaborate together and book a shoot with friends to celebrate achievements, friendships and reaching a goal together. It’s a great way to stay accountable and also acts as an unreal support group to help you reach your goals.

So lets say yes to more body confidence, women supporting women, healthy bodies, prioritising your health and fitness and sharing this love with others, celebrating your successes and documenting this journey with a photoshoot.

As one of Brisbane’s fitness, boudoir and beauty photographers, we specialise in individual and group photoshoots, capturing your hard work and physiques. See some of my favourites below of the shoot <3


Why invest in a fitness photoshoot? Brisbane Fitness & Weight Loss Transformation Photography

Last week I captured the stunning Stacey after recently competing in Sydney at the WBFF bodybuilding show. She has one of the most unreal physiques and proportions I have seen and an absolute pleasure to photograph. 

Being a past figure competitor, I know what it takes to get to this level of fitness and conditioning. A takes a lot of hard work, heavy weights, meal prepping, tracked macros and calories, posing practice, sacrifices in your social life, long days at work followed by exhausting gym sessions..... And the list goes on!

But when you reach your goal of stepping on stage and you reward yourself with a photoshoot to capture your journey, you realise..... it was all worth it! Capturing this moment in your life where you have put so much focus, time and determination is worth the investment - not only for yourself but for future generations, your kids, your family. This is part of your legacy. 

See some of our favourties below from our shoot together in Brisbane. 

Em x

Brisbane Fitness, Fashion & Boudoir Photography

Beautifully Strong... Boudoir photography with a bodybuilder

We recently had the honours of working with the beautiful Bodybuilding WBFF Fitness Pro Bec on a boudoir photoshoot at Noosa Trails Estate. We had a vision for these images, inspired by the the unbelievable colonial location we had to work and Bec's classy and elegant look and the result is breathtaking. 

Come behind the scenes on the photoshoot below with our Vlog as well as the end result through the stunning images achieved. 

It was a great collaboration between Andy & I as photographers, Bec as the model, Camilla on hair and makeup and the location Noosa Trails Estate. 

Em x