Sunrise Mountain Climbs

A 3.30am start, 2 cars of ladies driving an hour to the coast, rugged from head to toe, but all worth it for the beautiful view from the top of Mount Coolum for sunrise. 

My friends and I thought we'd make the most of our Sunday morning - yes all 8 of us were on time and no one pulled out haha. We climbed to the top of the mountain with our torches in the dark and waited for the sun to break the horizon. It was the most beautiful view and enjoying it with this beautiful group of ladies made it all the more worthwhile. 

Followed by breakfast at Canteen Kitchen & Bar at Coolum Beach. Check out our adventure below :)

All photographed on my Canon m5 with my new early birthday present from Corey, a Canon EF-M 22m f2 lens - AMAZING!

Em x