Photoshoot Tip: Add a touch of you....

We always ask our clients the following question when they are planning their session:
- What characterises your family/relationship?
- What hobbies/loves do you share?
- Can this be displayed in a photo?
- Do you have something that you love doing together?
- Are there any props that you can use in your photoshoot that ‘tell a story’ about your family/relationship

Below are some great examples of props/personal hobbies etc. that Life Portraits have photographed. I have listed below some ideas to inspire you. 

  • kites
  • tee pee
  • fishing lines
  • books
  • picnic basket/ blanket
  • boat
  • letters
  • balloons 
  • animals
  • Polaroids
  • sports equipment
  • bath toys
  • bubbles
  • trucks/cars/dolls
  • swings
  • fruit (watermelon, strawberries)
  • paint/chalk
  • crown
  • logo
  • lollipops
  • milkshake
  • signs/blackboards
  • suitcases
  • love heart cutouts 
  • gymnastics outift
  • swimming gear