Newborn photography in the home

I had a discussion with a friend recently about what type of newborn photographer I am....

I'm a reality shooter - aka I shoot the family in their home, doing the things they would do as a new family, breastfeeding, laying together admiring the newborns beauty, having candid moments together. 

I recently got to photograph the second instalment of our journey together - with Kylie and James and now Spencer! We captured the new family in the comfort of their own home, going about their day as they would as I capture the real beauty and emotion. I always guide my clients into positions after we have captured the candid moments, but I never like to stage an unrealistic depiction of a newborn. I admire the newborn photographers that create beautiful artwork the outfits, baskets and props etc, however this is not where my passion lies. 

This family will look back at these images and remember their home at the time, the memories of the shoot and how quickly their beautiful boy has grown up. I love to capture a moment in time, something that will always provoke an emotional reaction even in years to come. 

Enjoy some of the beautiful images of Kylie, James + Spencer. 

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Em x