Lifting + Burgers - It's all about balance

I am very lucky to be a part of an amazing group of inspiring people that are passionate about the gym and lifting heavy - we are the Noggy Crew (Anytime Fitness Enoggera). We lift heavy, train hard and best of all we all socialise outside of the gym. 

Last weekend we celebrated two of our members' birthdays - Murray & Ryan. What better way to celebrate then with a huge workout and a food challenge. Ryan lives for his food challenges. Health and fitness is important, but balance is also important in our lives. 

We visited the Hamilton cafe Twist for some amazingggggg burgers that you can customise, Ryan and Murray both ordering some huge burgers. Backing that up with Ryan's Birthday Sunday session at Deathproof in New Farm with their food challenge and an amazing environment of bright colours, led signs and delish club sandwiches and toasties. 

Check out some of the fun below. 

Em x