Exploring North Stradbroke Island

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at North Stradbroke Island camping with my boyfriend to celebrate his Birthday. Stradbroke has been on my Brisbane bucket list and was blown away when I got there! I'd read many blogs about the beautiful landscapes and beaches so I had to bring the camera to capture a few moments along the way. 

Being a rather action packed weekend it was hard to step away from the fun and photograph the journey (being in the sand and rain was the major factors) but I managed to capture some of the beautiful spots that I recommend to everyone. See below for some of the amazing locations. 

Point Lookout: South Gorge

This location is breathtaking! A perfect wedding ceremony location and we had loads of fun climbing the rocks. Located right next to the Point Lookout Surf Club. 

Point Lookout: North Gorge

The North Gorge was the most spectacular walk! We walked along the boardwalk around to Whale Rock Blow Hole through to North Gorge. This is a sight to see! We even caught a gimps of some turtles and whales. This is a MUST SEE! 

Deadman's Beach/Frenchmans Beach

All within close proximity to each other we ventured out amongst the rocks and beaches to find the whale watching platforms, through Point Lookout Conservation Area, to Deadman's Beach and around to Frenchmans Beach. We found some amazing caves within the rocks and climbed the cliff to look over the beach! This is another MUST DO! There is even a huge hill perfect for sand boarding (however boogie boards aren't the best, come prepared).