Clermont RADF Funded Photography Workshops: Fun in Central Queensland

What a weekend Clermont!

We flew out to Central Queensland to conduct two days of photography workshops thanks to RADF and Clermont Artslink. We had some great numbers at the workshops and saw lots of new faces.

We started off our Saturday workshops with the beginners photography course, learning everything there is to know about the exposure triangle - aperture, shutter and ISO - and learning how to take control of these. 

We had a great amount of theory delivered but we ventured outside to put it all into practice. We had a great group that wasn't afraid to ask questions and they all got really involved. The rain tried to scare us away on Sunday for our natural light and day and night flash workshops, but we kept our fingers crossed and the sky delivered. 

With smaller numbers for these workshops we were able to spend a lot of one-on-one quality time with all of our attendees. This will a fun filled day with lots of practical, including both Emily and Andy jumping off tables haha. 

Thank you to everyone that attended the workshops! A big thank you to Kimberly Jones for coordinating the RADF funding and bringing our workshops to Clermont. We'll see you again soon, keep on shooting! 

See some of the behind the scenes fun below.

Em x