Capturing the true essence of a wedding

Photographing a wedding is a wonderful experience. Capturing the love between two people on this important day is very special and a great honour for us.

Sometimes this experience transforms from being wonderful to being magical. You know it's one of those magical moments when you glance across at one of the team who has covered countless weddings and see a tear in the corner of their eye.  She says "I'm just trying to capture everything, this is what I want my wedding to be".

On the face of it, it was a simple garden wedding with a small group of friends and family created on a strict budget. But saying that takes away from what it truly signified.

The garden for this wedding was the garden where Krysia had grown up and played as a child, her parents home where every blade of grass had soaked up a happy memory of her younger years. The decorations were hand made by Krysia and her friends and family, from the colourful table displays to the amazing marriage pergola, representing hours of work and dedication. Everyone invited was there for a reason. All of them were people who had both enriched the lives of the happy couple over the years and themselves having had their lives enriched by Krysia and Farid.

In today's world of a highly sophisticated wedding industry where brides and grooms are bombarded with 101 "Must Do's and Dont's" so many become lost trying to create a one day spectacle. They feel forced into trying to do something different, spending on a million different and often needless expenses, inviting people because they feel they have to rather than how they feel their day would be incomplete if they don't.  It becomes all too easy to forget about the very essence of what the day should be about. Yes, have the grand church or cathedral wedding and the spectacular venue if those are things that make you happy.... but don't have them if you are simply doing that for someone else. 

Remember that a wedding should not be about show and spectacle, it is about sharing and confirming your love for someone, pledging yourself to them for the rest of your lives. Stating that from that day forward you will share all your joys with that one person and support and be supported first and foremost by that person through all future hard times and sharing that moment of complete commitment with your friends and loved ones.  

Krysia and Farid's wedding was a true celebration of love, love between the two of them and love between them and every one of their guests. That flood of positive emotion seeped through every moment of the day to make this small self-contained wedding something truly remarkable.

To be honest, I would have expected nothing less. I've known Krysia for around four years. As a former international sportswoman, she is someone who gives 100% to every endeavour. She gave 100% to organising the perfect wedding and she will commit herself 100% to her future with her husband. I've not known Farid as long but I am certain he will do the same. It is a bit of cliche as a photographer to say this, but even so it is no less a truth that it was a true honour and privilege to be a part of that day and capturing those wonderful moments and memories for Krysia and Farid and all those who come after them.