Capturing a family in the comfort of their own home...

When a client enquires about a portrait session with Life Portraits there are a lot of questions that are discussed around about clothing, props, posing, styling and location. A lot of the time most families want to go to a location away from their home and haven't considered their own home as their location for their photoshoot. 

I recently planned a portrait session with the Bayley family and they love water skiing, so we decided to take the boat out to the river to get their family photographs. However, last minute we had a change of plan and decided to do it at their home instead as they had mentioned they had a tennis court and loved to play tennis. As a photographer I thrive off this information, I love to know what a family loves to do together, their hobbies, what they have at their home and visualise the locations at their home. I was amazed when I arrived at the Bayley family home by how amazing the bushland was surrounding the home and the lighting over the tennis court at that time of the afternoon. 

This was such a fun photoshoot which embodied the essence of the family, the hobby they share and showed them in a familiar environment. In future, I will be suggesting to clients to consider their own homes as their photoshoot location as it makes them more comfortable, happy and there is no added stress of getting to a location on time, rushing the kids etc. When you are captured in the comfort of your own home, you are relaxed and that's the emotions we want to capture in our subjects. 

Check out some of the moments from the Bayley family photoshoot below.