Age is no barrier in fitness: 46 year old Lynn celebrates reaching her health goal with a photoshoot

I love documenting people’s stories, transformations and their love for their bodies. There is something so powerful about a woman celebrating her body through imagery. I got to work with the beautiful Lynn recently capturing her physique after reaching a fitness health goal and being at a balanced point in her wellness journey.

At age 46, Lynn states that age is no barrier!

With 4 children, two step sons Aged 20 and 19 and two girls aged 11 and 10, married 13 years, running 3 businesses; Boutique Holiday Homes property manages holiday homes in South France. Construction consultancy with her husband and LJ-FitYou a holistic coach to healthy living, a new business venture Lynn has just begun to empower and support other women in their 40's who seek a more healthy holistic approach to their lives.

Lynn states that “I decided to capture my hard work having never in my life had a photoshoot and hopefully showcase that all women are amazing, find your passion and love it with every ounce of you! Age is no barrier for your goals, light the fire within!  Holistic love! LJ Fit You! Love Yourself you deserve it!”

I love this message! Empowering other women to love their bodies and value their health and fitness is such an important thing. As Lynn and I both believe, girls compete with each other but women empower each other!

Love yourself, love the sisterhood! 

Check out some of the beautiful images we created below. We did a mix of fitness photography, boudoir photography and beauty and glamour photography…

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