Behind the Scenes on a Fitness Photoshoot

Last week I was lucky enough to work with the beautiful, glowing and vibrant Sheoni. Connecting through Instagram, we collectively came up with a unique idea to document her post IFBB bikini competition body with a styled, colourful and energetic set of images with coloured plain walls with matching clothing and lipsticks. 

I LOVE colour, and this look was the perfect match for Sheoni's personality. Being a graphic designer I thought I would experiment with this set of images creating a new style of fitness photography - photo-graphic art. Taking a plain wall and editing in graphics to create more of a story and scene. 

We went with a tropical summer theme throughout and the images are to DIE for! See our behind the scenes fitness photography video below, taking you into the world of a fitness photoshoot, what goes on, posing, and lighting setups. See our set of images below from the session. 

Em x