The Raw Emotion of a Bodybuilders Competition Day

Have you ever looked at a bodybuilder and been fascinated by their physique, their dedication and motivation? Life Portraits, Brisbane Fitness Photographers, take you behind the scenes into the bodybuilding world....

Life Portraits are taking their viewers on a journey behind the scenes into the bodybuilding world by offering portrait fitness packages in the form of candid competition day photography, capturing the true and raw emotion of the competitor. We showcase their hand crafted physique by capturing behind the scenes candid moments on competition day, documenting those health and fitness memories for a lifetime.

I recently was commissioned by competitor Jordan and his family to capture the behind the scenes moments of his first competition at the ICN Bodybuilding Competition. I came away from the day feeling motivated, my happiness tank full and so honoured to be a part of his day. It was Jordan's first competition and he did an amazing job and should be so proud! 

Take a journey through the emotions, the preparation, the tanning, the posing practice, the pump up, the intense focus and the presence he brings to the stage in the images below. I love being a part of this journey and capturing such a personal aspect of someone's fitness journey. Having competed myself, you are so stressed and focused on getting on stage that once the event has passed, you forget the moments in between and what you looked like. That is why I love to capture this, as the competitors put in months of dedication to their comp prep, why not capture this for a lifetime?

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