Behind the scenes on a fitness photoshoot

Life Portraits are very passionate about capturing true emotion and documenting life as a journey. The LP Bodybuilding packages are the perfect way to capture an athletes bodybuilding experience journey in a unique candid photography style or with a personal fitness photoshoot.

Business partner and photographer Emily, having competed in figure herself and placing very well, LOVES the whole process and knows it’s very rewarding at the end when you reach your goals and step on stage. One thing she wishes she had of captured was the journey on the big day and a fitness photoshoot. You get so caught up in the dedication to your goals that you forget to treat yourself and capture your physique at this amazing point in your life.

That is why I love capturing sculpted athletes at this prime time of their physical appearance. I had the opporunity to photograph Vosky Bodies athletes Kerryn and Kylie on the Gold Coast Spit Beach at sunrise just recently. See behind the scenes of our photoshoot together.