40+, fit, healthy and an inspiration to other women

Kelli is a BEAUTIFUL woman! She was so lovely to work with, grateful and enthusiastic about her shoot. Being recently awarded as the Oxygen magazine 35+ winner, now in the running for the  front cover, works a full time corporate job, has 2 children and now getting ready to compete in a powerlifting compeition - the Mackay Push/Pull GPC Powerlifting meet. Unbelievable! Good luck Kelli, it was a pleasure photographing you and a big thank you to your Partner Johnny for his support during the shoot. Check out some of our favs below!

I am so inspired by the woman I get to photograph. They set out to achieve a goal and SMASH IT! The fitness industry is so much more than just 'looking good'! There's months and months of dedication, training, sacrifices in your social life, no naughty food and a clear goal in mind, only to get up on stage after 12+ weeks for a few minutes to show off your hard work. That is why I want to capture these wonderful athletes so they can remember this point in their life for the rest of their lives. 

As a figure competitor myself, I understand the body, posing, what to do to bring out more muscles or assist in looking better during your photoshoot. I believe I bring a very personalised approach to my fitness shoots and have a real passion for photographing my subjects. 

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