Documenting a 1 Year Old's Cake Smash: Priceless expressions of ripping open a cake...

A cake smash can go two ways.....

The child will love the cake and rip into it and make a mess of themselves....
...Or they'll be overwhelmed, not interested or cry because they're covered in cake haha

I photographed little Charlie's cake smash for his 1st birthday, his reaction was hilarious. Unlike at the dinner table, he was not very happy about being covered in cake and was not impressed at all that he had cake on his feet. He even went for a walk away from the cake to try and get it off his feet haha! He was more interested in his trains than the cake, so we got the trains involved in the cake diving haha It made my day. 

Little Charlie is my second cousin, and his dear Mummy decorated and made the experience absolutely beautiful, totally 'pinterest worthy'. Check out some of the fun below of our morning together at Minnippi Parklands. 

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A Very Successful Creative Collaboration: Brisbane Fitness, Glamour & Boudoir Photography

I am always looking for new ways to be inspired.... I get to work with some pretty motivational, inspirational and creative people and sometimes you get an opportunity to collaborate your talents on a photoshoot. 

I regularly work with the Hair & Make-up team Shique on my Brisbane and Gold Coast fitness, glamour and boudoir photoshoots. The Shique beauty ladies were all coming together to do each others makeup and create some content for their social media platforms and asked if I wanted to come on board. With a beautiful penthouse overlooking Brisbane city, 4 beautiful ladies and lots of creative vibes, I couldn't resist. 

We created a set of images that were boudoir, fashion with a touch of stylish woman. The results were amazing and can't wait to share them with you below. Check out some of my favourtie images!

Featuring Hannah from Shique
Stella from Estel Artist
Maddy from Illicit Artistry
Kelly from Kelly Lane MUA

See more on our Brisbane Fitness, Glamour and Boudoiur Photography Packages Here:

The Beauty of Japan & the Suntory Alcohol Experience

From April 9-13 I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Japan to photograph for alcohol brand Suntory on their " The House of Suntory - The Nature and Spirit of Japan" media trip. The journey included experiences in Osaka, Kyoto, Yamazaki, Tokyo and the Southern Japanese Alps. I accompanied journalist James to capture the stories of this journey to assist him in his articles as well as imagery for Suntory. 

Take a look behind the scenes of the culture, food and fun that we had on this amazing trip. A big thank you to Suntory for giving us this opportunity. 


Great to see the imagery from the Suntory Japan trip featuring in the media! Big thanks to James Atkinson for the great article. View the Good Food article HERE.

Em x




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Kymoo Sports: Brightening the Lives of Real Women

I recently had the opportunity of working with the beautiful Suzi from the Middle East, on her active wear brand Kymoo Sport. Kymoo Sport is the UAE's first body positive and body inclusive active wear brand designed for those who dare to stand out! We created a vibrant array of images for her new campaign as well as new content for her social media and website.

When working commercially for a clothing brand, I like to get to know the look, feel and personality of the person that would be wearing the clothing. Suzi's brand was bright, open, fun and screamed energy which is what I wanted to channel in her images. 

We used some beautiful nature backdrops throughout Brisbane to create the perfect backdrop for the clothing to shine. I got to work with some beautiful, down to earth women on the campaign and together we created a beautiful set of images. 

See a preview of some of the images below and more of the brand here:

The Raw Emotion of a Bodybuilders Competition Day

Have you ever looked at a bodybuilder and been fascinated by their physique, their dedication and motivation? Life Portraits, Brisbane Fitness Photographers, take you behind the scenes into the bodybuilding world....

Life Portraits are taking their viewers on a journey behind the scenes into the bodybuilding world by offering portrait fitness packages in the form of candid competition day photography, capturing the true and raw emotion of the competitor. We showcase their hand crafted physique by capturing behind the scenes candid moments on competition day, documenting those health and fitness memories for a lifetime.

I recently was commissioned by competitor Jordan and his family to capture the behind the scenes moments of his first competition at the ICN Bodybuilding Competition. I came away from the day feeling motivated, my happiness tank full and so honoured to be a part of his day. It was Jordan's first competition and he did an amazing job and should be so proud! 

Take a journey through the emotions, the preparation, the tanning, the posing practice, the pump up, the intense focus and the presence he brings to the stage in the images below. I love being a part of this journey and capturing such a personal aspect of someone's fitness journey. Having competed myself, you are so stressed and focused on getting on stage that once the event has passed, you forget the moments in between and what you looked like. That is why I love to capture this, as the competitors put in months of dedication to their comp prep, why not capture this for a lifetime?

LP Fitness captures personal fitness photoshoots, weight loss transformations, behind the scenes of bodybuilding competitions, couple fitness portraits and fitness branding. See more at Brisbane Fitness Photography at

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Insomnia And Your Camera Can Be The Perfect Partners

4am Saturday morning. It's the end of a franticly busy couple of weeks and it's my first day off in a while with no commitments and the first real chance for a sleep in... but I'm wide awake.

No matter what I try and do, sleep is not coming back to me.... 5000 sheep have jumped the garden gate in my head and nothing is happening. The reality is I'm not going to sleep as the jobs and images of the past two weeks are still playing through my mind... my body may have switched off but my brain won't.

You might think at a moment like this it's not the time for someone to pick up their working tools, but for me, grabbing the camera is exactly what I need. It's at times like these I pick up my Pentax medium format 645Z a couple of lenses, a ten stop ND filter and head for the car.

Outside it's a crisp pre-dawn morning, the first morning this year when you can feel winter in the air and the last vestiges of sleep are torn away in one chilly bite.

20 minutes later, the stresses and strains of the previous couple of weeks are fast receding in the rear view mirror. I'm chasing the sunrise to a wailing soundtrack of guitars and vocals. Eric Clapton, Blue Oyster Cult, Jimi Hendrix and a host of others are blasting out of the wonderful Bang Olufsen sound system in my Audi to a backing track of a purring V6 engine. I no longer care about sleeping, I'm wide awake with a road trip wide grin on my face.

Watching the crescent moon fade and the deep black of the sky slowly change to an indigo blue I pull off the highway at Currumbin at the tail end of the Gold Coast with just 20 minutes to spare before sunrise.

It's perfect, a cloudless sky, fishermen creating silhouettes on the rocks and as the yellow and orange hues start to creep over the ocean horizon heralding the rise of the sun I'm set up on the beach, Pentax tripodded and waiting for the day to begin in earnest.

For me this is the ultimate relaxation. The waiting moments that come with landscape photography, the calm and peace of studying the sky and colours and light waiting for the right moment to press the shutter. It's such a trance like contrast to the invariably fast paced photography that fills my working days, particularly when working with the Pentax. It is an amazing camera but one that demands that you take your time and think things through to get the best out of it. I'm using a ten stop ND filter to slow the exposures down and mist up the crashing waves taking my shutter speeds over the five minute mark, again slowing down the photographic process and making me take my time. As a consequence, heart beat and mind slow as well and finally for the first time in a while, with the chill sea breeze, the crashing waves and the sun finally coming over the horizon, I start to relax. 

Ten exposures later that's it... the day has begun the sun is up. It's time for a trip to a nearby Surf Life Savers Club for a steaming cup of coffee or three and a decent breakfast.

On the way back home the sound track changes... Lene Marlin, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars take over where Clapton and Hendrix left off. At home a little bit of time is spent processing up the pictures then an easy dinner and finally the mind has switched off and a night of wonderful, restful sleep begins.  


Bodybuilder turned Harley Quinn - Epic Fitness Photography Photoshoot

This week I had the honours of photographing the stunning WFF Pro,Bree, after her pro debut at the WFF Commonwealth Classic, placing an amazing 4th. We had been planning our photoshoot together for over a month and I wanted to portray Bree as a strong fitness woman with style, in an edgy location with graffiti, really highlighting her muscles. She also had a Harley Quinn outfit which I got very excited about! 

For anyone that has photographed with me, I get excited when I'm photographing as the ideas in my head come to life. Let's just say there was a lot of WOWS in this photoshoot as both Bree's ideas and mine came together perfectly to create this AMAZING, strong and beautiful set of images. A big thanks to everyone involved below: 

Hair & Makeup: @shiquebeauty
Location: @5thwavemma
Graphics: @streetartconcepts 

Available for fitness photoshoot bookings in Brisbane and the Gold Coast now! Email us at to book. 

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Behind the Scenes on a Fitness Photoshoot

Last week I was lucky enough to work with the beautiful, glowing and vibrant Sheoni. Connecting through Instagram, we collectively came up with a unique idea to document her post IFBB bikini competition body with a styled, colourful and energetic set of images with coloured plain walls with matching clothing and lipsticks. 

I LOVE colour, and this look was the perfect match for Sheoni's personality. Being a graphic designer I thought I would experiment with this set of images creating a new style of fitness photography - photo-graphic art. Taking a plain wall and editing in graphics to create more of a story and scene. 

We went with a tropical summer theme throughout and the images are to DIE for! See our behind the scenes fitness photography video below, taking you into the world of a fitness photoshoot, what goes on, posing, and lighting setups. See our set of images below from the session. 

Em x

A Reason To Get Up In the Morning

Emily and I are pretty lucky in our jobs.... its a rare thing when what you do for a living is also your key passion and creative outlet in life. It means we take every opportunity to go out and shoot whenever we can.

Like this morning. I love landscape photography, it's one of the ways I like to relax. So since we had an early morning meeting on the Gold Coast anyway (resulting in some exiting news which we hope to be able to talk about soon!!), we set off really early to beat the traffic and to catch the sunrise at Snapper Rocks. 

These are some of the shots I took and we even made a little video about it too which we will get up on the facebook as quickly as we can.

For the technical among you, I set up two cameras, at each location to allow me to capture two slightly different looks in the short space of time we had to capture the sun behind a narrow cloud bank. 

One was the trusty Canon 5d MKIV with a 16-35mm zoom set at 16mm and shooting fast shutter speeds to capture every splash and peak of every wave. The other was my beloved Pentax 645Z medium format camera with a 35mm lens and a 10 stop Neutral Density filter which blocks a load of light and lets me shoot at really slow shutter speeds while pointing straight at the sun (up around 2 minute exposures this morning). This has the affect of turning the incoming surf into a wonderful milky misty spray.

See what you think.


When the roles are reversed: Em in front of the camera...

I thought it was time for an update of some portraits of myself for social media and our marketing. I wanted to portray my personality, my style and me as a professional woman.

I love colour, this reflects in my photography style and my fashion. So I wanted to showcase myself in the same way - vibrant, enthusiastic and fun.  

Em x